Copenhagen is a compact city and everything is close at hand. Most hotels, restaurants, sights and shops are within walking distance. Unlike any other European capital city, Copenhagen has few traffic problems and no congestion, which guarantees minimal travel times between any of the locations in and around the city.

To and from the AirportMap with flytimes

In 2011 CPH serviced a record-high 22.7 million passengers and continued the increase of passengers. Currently 64 airlines operate flights in and out of CPH. Copenhagen has direct flights to more than 100 destinations outside Denmark.

Train and metro station is connected directly with the airport terminal. The train and metro run around the clock and go in direct line to the city center and Bella Center (the Metro) and the majority of hotels. Busses and taxis are also available at the airport. 

The Metrometro

The Metro’s fully automated trains guarantee effective and fast link between the large urban areas. The Metro is operating around the clock. During peak periods trains run every 90 seconds from stations above and below ground level. The proposed venue, Bella Center, has its own Metro station.



Trains and busesbus

Trains and buses are plentiful and run frequently to all parts of the country including the airport as well as in the city of Copenhagen.
Two harbor buses also function functioning just like ordinary buses making it easy to travel between the centre of Copenhagen and Christianshavn/Holmen/The Opera House.

Trains leave from Malmö in Sweden and it is very easy and conveninent to travel to Bella Center. The train leave every 20 and the travel time is approximately 35 minutes from the city center.



Taxis are comfortable and clean clearly licensed. They operate at fixed mileage rates depending on the time of day and accept all major credit cards.


Travel Passes for delegates

Access to discount Congress Travel Passes giving ICA delegates unlimited transportation on metro, busses and trains. We will work with Transportation Authorities on providing ICA with the best possible solution so cost are kep at a minimum. 

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Walking and Bicyclingcycling

Copenhagen was the first city in the world to introduce pedestrian streets and with its’ manageable size and most attractions located in the city centre, walking is an attractive option.
Copenhagen is also known as the "City of Bikes" due to its longstanding and lively cycling tradition. Most locals use bicycles as an indispensable mean of transport.

 Journey time by bus, train, metro and car

Copenhagen Airport to Kgs. Nytorv (city centre):
• By car: 16 min.
• By train: 12 min

Copenhagen Airport to Central Station (city centre):
• By car: 15 min.
• By train: 12 min.
• By bus: 29 min.

Copenhagen Airport to Bella Center:
• By car: 5 min.
• By Metro: approx. 15 min

Bella Center to Kgs. Nytorv (city centre):
• By car: 13 min.
• By Metro: 8 min.

Bella Center to Copenhagen Central Station (city centre):
• By train/metro: 10 min.
• By car: 10 min.


Copenhagen Airport to Hotel Scandic:
• By train/metro: 25 min.
• By car: 15 min


Hotel Scandic to Bella Center:
• By train/metro: 25 min.
• By car: 10 min


• Bella Center to Airport: 6 km/3,7 min
• Bella Center to City Centre: 5,4 km/3,1 min
• City Centre to Airport: 8 km/5 min

Full Fare Transfer Costs (2011)
• Airport – Bella Center: 3,2 EUR/4,4 US $
• Airport – City Center/city hotels: 4,8 EUR/6,7 US $
• Bella Center – City Center/city hotels: 3,2 EUR/4,4 US $
• Approx. Cost of Taxis Airport – City Center: 27 EUR/37 US $
• Airport – Bella Center: 20 EUR/28 US